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Everyone Has the Right to Be Heard

MR2V Rebrand & VOICE Campaign: 

Over the past few years, MR2V has experienced numerous changes and overcome a multitude of challenges as a lot of companies do. The resilience and dedication of our team, the families and participants we support, and our stakeholders have shaped our company. We realised the need for our branding to truly reflect these remarkable individuals and their voices.


Since 2019, we've firmly believed that 'Everyone has the Right to be Heard', but we felt that this was not fully communicated through our previous branding. These incredible individuals used their VOICES and allowed us to collect feedback both internally and externally.

Now... we've arrived at this new look that encapsulates the identity of My Right 2 Voice in 2024 and onwards.

MR2V Brand Asset _Primary Logo.png
MR2V Brand Asset Asset 22.png

Our Values:

Our vision within this company is to provide a VOICE to those who do not have one or feel as though they don't. 

We achieve this by upholding the values we created collectively together.  Our values consist of Visionary, Opportunity, Integrity, Connection, and Empathy... and lastly VOICE being our final value. 

After workshops & company trainings the staff at MR2V were the ones who solidified these values that are true to who we are, aligning with our brand identity. We know not many companies involve staff to this extent. We choose to do so, allowing them to have a VOICE.


VOICE Campaign is a brand awareness initiative by us, MR2V. The campaign encapsulates our six core values: Visionary, Opportunity, Integrity, Connection, Empathy, and VOICE.

  • This campaign is all about empowering every individual to be heard.

What is 'VOICE'?
Why 'VOICE'?

We launched the VOICE Campaign because we believe that 'Everyone has the Right to be Heard'.

The campaign reflects our commitment to continuous growth, improvement, and responsiveness to the needs of our audience.

Born from internal and external feedback, VOICE Campaign aims to better communicate our dedication to empowering voices, fostering an inclusive community, and embodying our core values whilst educating the wider masses on disability. This MR2V's established campaign to go towards our efforts of improving the disability industry in Australia.

Everyone Has the Right to Be Heard


How will we provide a VOICE through this campaign?

Through the VOICE campaign, we aim to highlight the importance of every voice, particularly those of individuals with disabilities, and affirm our commitment to these core values showcasing examples throughout the month of April and on-going

Want to support VOICE?

Aside from supporting the messages we spread on our social accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, and maybe a new platform soon!), you can check out 'Share Your VOICE' below for more.

Share your VOICE and get involved:
Where to from here?

Moving forward, VOICE will continue to grow and evolve. 

This is year 1 for VOICE, any level of involvement is highly appreciated, and another step forward.

The campaign will unfold with various initiatives aimed at promoting our core values and engaging our community, leading to a future where everyone's voice is acknowledged and valued.

This is the beginning of a journey towards broader inclusive and empowering community that helps spread educational, inspirational and positive messaging for this sector.

Our Design Journey:

Final Logo Design:

MR2V Brand Asset _Primary Logo.png
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